Saturday, 27 August 2011

our first blog!

Hi there,

So this is our very first blog! (why is it called a 'blog'?)

Summer is almost over here at Kilbawn, and its been mixed as far as the weather is concerned, but then again people don't come to Ireland for the weather, or I'm afriad you're probably destined for disappointment!

Its been a very busy year so far for us, with people dropping by from all over the world. Just last week we have a French couple without any English; both ourselves and our visitors had great fun communicating by hand signals alone!

In between, the gardens are a constant distraction, and we've added some new features this year, not least of which is our chicken run, where we now get all our eggs from. Just last month we planted a new tree for our 2nd grandson. We planted a tree almost 3 years old now for our first grandson and its almost 15 feet tall already - how time flies.

This year we're also been dragged kicking and screaming into the internet age, with a complete update to our original website in January. We also created a Facebook page here for you our visitors to leave photos from your trip to Kilbawn or Ireland in general.
Twitter was something I thought only used by the (in)famous or footballers, but we're now using it to feed through all the updates from @kilkenny to our website of all the live music and events on-going in Kilkeny ever day of the week. Its proven very useful and gives the frontpage a more live feel, if you know what I mean.

Hope to see you here in Kilkenny some time soon

Anyway, I'm rambling! talk soon.